Server RACKS


Stand-alone racks are designed to house all types of electronic systems in smaller installations where one rack is sufficient for the need, or for where multiple racks are used but are not standing together in a row. Racks in this section are floor-standing and have solid sides for strength, security, and control of cooling airflow. For most models, a variety of options are available, including front and rear doors, solid, vented, fan tops, and caster. As we provide the deepest depth of 1000mm, any server or any deepest server can be easily fitted into the racks.

The fully enclosed server racks range in size from a 24U server rack to a 42U server rack, perfect for almost any server room or data center

These enclosures are designed to meet current IT market trends and applications ranging from high-density computing and networking to broadcast and audio video. Designed to organize and secure rack equipment with top-panel cable routing ports, perforated doors to promote efficient airflow, adjustable mounting rails, Vertical PDU mounting options


We are a famous and trustworthy supplier of excellent outdoor racks. Additionally, we export our goods. The racks we construct are robust and packed with useful features, offering the user complete usability. Our racks already enjoy a solid market reputation as top-notch goods. The Outdoor racks may be utilized easily and are dependable. We routinely receive large orders from our clients. The racks make storing or placing servers and other comparable machines easier. Additionally, we have reasonable prices for our entire selection of racks.


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